Top 5 Custom ROMs for Moto G ( XT 1032 & XT 1033)

The Motorola Moto G has easily surpassed all expectations and has now become a leader in the Mid-range phones battles. With a stunning 4.5-inch HD Display, 1GB RAM And Kitkat 4.4 coming out of the box, it is way more than what one can possibly get in such a price range. And not to anybody’s… Read More »

How to Overclock Moto G(XT1033 included) upto 1.6GHz Using Faux Kernel

Cyanogenmod. Check. PAC. Check Custom Kernel. Check Overclock? Yeah, check. The Motorola Moto G has been the developer’s favorite baby recently partially because of its such huge success and partly because of its amazing specs. And now thanks to the Xda’s one of premier developers faux123, Moto G users can overclock their devices upto 1.6Ghz which… Read More »

SlimKat ROM (Kitkat Android 4.4) For Moto G

And it just keeps flowing in, doesn’t it? After receiving Cyanogenmod 11 builds, the Moto G now has the famous Slim Series of ROMs available too. Thanks to Xda Senior Member SpaceKiller the users can now use the seriously smooth and fluid SlimKat Rom on their Moto G. The special feature of the ROM is that its… Read More »

Cyanogenmod 11 (Kitkat Android 4.4) For Moto G

Yes, its finally here. Though the high on demand and feature packed Moto G has already received the official Kitkat 4.4 update yet Cyanogenmod 11 is a different deal altogether. If you are not aware of features of cyanogenmod and the advantages it possesses over the stock 4.4, Extra Smoothness, Theme Manager, Pre-rooted and containing… Read More »