Task Manager on Android : Do we need them?

Task managers/killers are a surprisingly popular class of apps in the Play Store when they really shouldn’t be. The primary reason why people use it because they believe they can speed their phone up and increase their battery life by killing tasks off. And that’s where most people go wrong. In fact, Task Managers will reduce your… Read More »

Rooting Simplified – 1 – Unlocking the bootloader

This is the first post in the “Rooting Simplified” series and is often the most troublesome steps of Rooting. What is a bootloader? Bootloader is essentially the first piece of software that turns on. It is responsible for loading all the other components of the Android OS: the Kernel, Drivers, WiFi/Bluetooth modems etc. The bootloader… Read More »

Rooting Simplified – Intro

What is rooting? Simply put, Rooting is gaining administrator level access to the Android OS. What can you do after rooting? You can fiddle with practically anything on your nifty little android. You can change your boot animation, load custom ROMS, overclock your CPU, BRICK YOUR PHONE. Rooting does come with its risk. One wrong… Read More »

What is ADB and how is it useful

ADB in the android terminology stands for Android Debug Bridge. It is a TCP connection between a computer and an android phone generally through a USB cable. ADB is a specialized command-line debug utility which offers kind of remote terminal or remote shell service to programmers. This service may not seem important to an end-user,… Read More »

How To Flash TWRP( Recovery ) And Root Moto G4 And Moto G4 Plus

Over the years as the Android platform has gained more and more prominence , the term ” Rooting ” has almost become synonymous with it. What does it do? Short Answer- It unleashes the true potential and the never ending realm of customization and features. And the new Mid Rangers from Motorola, the Moto G4 and… Read More »

How To Install Cyanogenmod 13.0 (MarshMallow) On Samsung Galaxy J7

So are you one of those people who bought the stunning, feature packed J7 and are now kind of bored by it. Well, this might be just what you need. Thanks to Xda Senior Member messi2050 , we have an almost fully functional build of CM13. The only major bugs currently are camera, some random… Read More »